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Personal Training

Do you want to learn how to value your body?

Do you want to discover what your body is capable of?

Do you want to ensure long-term success?

Train with me to find that perfect balance between mind and body performing their best!

Online Coaching

What are your health and fitness goals?

If personal training isn't for you, let's talk about creating a specialised programme that will ensure you achieve your goals...

a well balanced and indulgent but healthy meal promoting a fulfilling and nutritious lifes


Are you looking for specialised nutrition advice?
 I can put you in touch with a certified nutritionist who will ensure you're nourishing your body fully.

Enquire for Coaching

Fill out the form and leave me a message in the box, I'll be in touch!

Thanks for enquiring!

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Are you ready to discover your best self?

Let's make it happen together...


Training and performing as a professional dancer gave me all the foundations to understand the full potential of the human mind and body. It has also shown me how tough it can be to achieve those mental and physical capabilities..


...unless you have the right mindset, programme, and support. 

I can give you all of that, so that we can transform your potential into reality!


This is the first time I’ve had a PT and it’s been an amazing experience, I really look forward to my programme changes every 6 weeks, how uplifting you our during our sessions and I never feel like I can’t contact you if I have any questions and you always go above and beyond to give extra time where you can and that’s really appreciated.

My achievements are far beyond my expectations after your help, This really help me to build up confident for myself.

My Personal Trainer, Rachel Brookes-Bent is absolutely first class. She has motivated and educated me in equal measures, and has engendered in me an intense passion for my fitness.

- Scott -

I always feel like you’re motivating me, even when my head isn’t fully in the session when I arrive, and the personalised feedback to help understand why muscles are doing what they’re doing is so useful

I love your energy and how you aren’t scared to push me during our sessions, I always feel empowered and positive after our sessions

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